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Mark2 3D Printer

Image Notes Object Source
Mark2-sample-octopi1.jpg Octopi guarding their ill-gotten gains. Probably. High repeatability in the XY axes allows for consistent perimeter lines, and a smooth, clean surface finish. Cute Octopus Says Hello
Mark2-sample-boat1.jpg Full steam ahead! The large convex hull at the front of the boat is challenging to print, and requires very quick cooling to stay in shape. Bridging the arch in the doorway is similarly dependent on quick cooling. 3DBenchy
Mark2-sample-boat2.jpg Bridging and steep overhangs also benefit from significantly from the cooling fan. 3DBenchy
Mark2-sample-rocket1.jpg To space! By printing in spiral (or vase) mode, this large rocket (180mm tall) took only 85 minutes to print. Cooling becomes critical in the later layers, as the rocket thins out. Single-Perimeter Rocket
Mark2-sample-rocket-big.jpg That's not a rocket - this is a rocket! Printed from two separate 180mm tall pieces, excellent dimensional accuracy allows the two pieces to friction-fit together easily. Candy Filled Rocket
Mark2-sample-tardis1.jpg Of course, rockets aren't all that - some of us prefer ships that are bigger on the inside. Detailed TARDIS
Mark2-sample-roses1.jpg For those times when you need to justify your 3D printing hobby to your significant other. Rose and Vase
Mark2-sample-bracelet1.gif Printed with Flex TPU filament, this bracelet sure is stretchy. Stretchy Bracelet