IR Probe Firmware Setup (Smoothieware)

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IR Probe

Smoothieware has a lot of options relating to Z probing and bed level compensation. The best place to get detailed information on Smoothieware's settings is the Z-Probe page here.

Pin Configuration

The IR probe can be connected to any of the Smoothieboard's three-pin endstop connectors (though be sure to take note of polarity). We will be connecting the probe to the Z-Max connector in this guide, which is pin P1.29.

We need to configure the pin as a non-inverting input with a pullup. This is done like so:

   zprobe.enable                true               # set to true to enable a zprobe
   zprobe.probe_pin             1.29^              # pin probe is attached to
   zprobe.slow_feedrate         5                  # mm/sec probe feed rate
   #zprobe.debounce_ms          1                  # set if noisy
   zprobe.fast_feedrate         100                # move feedrate
   zprobe.probe_height          5                  # how much above bed to start probe NB only needed for G32 on delta
   zprobe.return_feedrate       0                  # feedrate after a probe, default 0 is double of slow_feedrate (mm/s)