Mark2 Calibration

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Mark2 3D Printer


This page documents the steps that need to be taken to get your printer dialled in and calibrated for high-quality printing. It describes the most important steps, the things that you'll definitely need to do if you want to get good results - but there's a lot more info out there on the topic of calibration, and this guide can't cover it all. Check the Resources section to see other guides on the topic.

Temperature PID

Z Offset

  • M851 Z-(VAL) to adjust offset

Steps per mm

XYZ Axis Calibration

Extruder Calibration

  • Heat up HotEnd
  • Measure and mark filament 90, 100 and 110mm from entry to extruder
  • Request 100mm extrude
  • Check actual extruded distance against marks
 new_e_steps = old_e_steps * (100 / distance_actually_moved)
  • Update printer with values by GCODE
  • Repeat process until error is acceptable
  • Update value in firmware, recompile and re-upload